Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

artikel passive voice

Batik as still popular in indonesia.wherever you go,you will see many people wearing”batik”. Nowadays,students from cretain schools wear “batik” shirts or blouses as their unifrom . do you know how “ batik “ cloth is made ?
“ batik” making is traditionally made by women,either at home or in a small workshop. The material used is usually cotton . today however,silk,satin and other materials are also used.
The design is outlined on the piece cloth in pencil or charcoal. Molten wax is the applied by using ‘canting’ . the ‘ canting is used to draw the pattern on the cloth. The material is then dipped in a dye. Wax is applied to certain area in order that the colour does not penetrate. The wax is then removed and the procces is repeated with different coloured dye .

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Awan Al-Kemie mengatakan...

saya izin memasukan artikel ini ke dalam buku karangan saya, trimakasih :)

diah ghaitsah mengatakan...

izin coppy buat contoh materi pembelajaran.

Herziyan Agus mengatakan...

izin buat tugas

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