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Tugas bahasa inggris bisnis 2

Tugas bahasa inggris bisnis 2
1.                   George Mikes in “How to be an Alien” wrote in a humorous way about these typical features of the English, which are reflected in the use of the language: “The English have no soul, they have understatement instead”. Understatement in proposing, according to George Mikes, “takes the form of “I say… would you". If it is an indecent proposal it is "I say… what about…".

2.       Asking about price
One day I want buy a cloth in department store. Good morning,sir.i want to buy a cloth. That is a red one . how much does it cost,sir ?..
He’s  said to me  ,morning,it costs fifty thousand rupiahs. I think that very expensive ,sir. may I offer twenty five thousand, sir ?if you may I rise two thouasand , you may or not ?, finally he’s agree .
He ask , ok I agree get it please ..but next time  you come back in here again.

3.       Talking about rendang with my friend
                One day . I talking about food with my friend . she ask to me . hey, have you break fast git?
I answer, ya I have ,what happen ?she ask to me .what kind food do you like ?  what your opinion about rendang ?and I said, I think rendang is delicious . rendang is food special for Indonesia . I like rendang . so what do you think about rendang ? you like? She is said to  me.yess I am of the same your opinion. I like rendang,salad,egg, fried chiken etc .lets go to restaurant together ,im hungry. I said again good idea.that is what I was thinking. finally we went to restaurant together . JJ

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