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Indonesia is continually facing the wave of computerization, this happened to be the answer of a question about the needs of computer education for the nation. Hence, in August 7th 1981 a computer education program was launched by the name of Computer Science Education Program. This program provides not only a course deals with computer utilization but also a high education institution that deepen the knowledge of computer science.

The proof showed an improvement, thus, a foundation of Mathematics Research Operation and System Analyst Development was formed to accommodate Computer Science Education Program that later turned out to be Indonesia Computer Science Academy.
The road to perfection hadn’t stopped yet; the academy was raising level to a High School. For the intention, the school must have the same name as the Foundation’s that runs it.

Eventually by the date of August 14th 1984, Kopertis III consolidated the name Gunadarma Computer and Informatics Management High School (STMIK Gunadarma) along with the name of Gunadarma Education Foundation.
The name of “Gunadarma” was chosen the inspirational thoughts of an architect that built one of “Seven World of wonder”, that is Borobudur Temple, by the era of Syailendra dynasty. More over, Gunadarma means also a sincere intention of dedication to the society through a high school.
STMIK Gundarma was located in Jalan Salemba Raya 53, Jakarta. A year after the consolidation, Department of Education and Culture gave a status of “terdaftar” (listed) to STMIK Gunadarma through a decree of Minister of Education and Culture number 0424/0/1985 for Diploma 3 and Strata 1 title, in October 5th 1985.
The world of computer education that infects business world has proven to be interesting for public. The enthusiasm made the campus could not accommodate any longer until finally STMIK Gunadarma opened its new campus in Pondok Cina, Depok. More over, the quality of education was improved to accommodate public demands. This achievement brought STMIK Gunadarma into the status of “disamakan” (equalized) through the decree of Minister of Education and Culture number 0490/0/1989 in August 1989.

The success doesn’t stop here; the foundation produced another high school named Gunadarma Economic High School (STIE Gunadarma) in January 13th 1990 with its main program is Economic Science divided into the majors of Management and Accounting emphasized in computer application.
By the decree of General Director of DIKTI number 92/Kep/Dikti/1996 dated April 3rd 1996, these two high schools were merged into GUNADARMA UNIVERSITY.
This merger was intended to create a huge basis to anticipate the future by producing professional, reliable successors in the basis of information technology for the nation facing the globalization.

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