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Makeup steps for party

How to Apply Makeup for a Fancy Party

If you always struggle with applying make up for your fancy party, read below to find tips for the application to make you look beautified.

  1. Moisturize your face.
  2. Use a cream designated for pre-application use on your face to blot excess oil and soothe skin. Select a color a tint lighter than your foundation. Make sure to blend with a makeup sponge. Dot under eyes.
  3. Apply a discreet concealer to cover up blemishes and acne. Choose a color with a similar hue to your skin.
  4. Use a foundation to even out redness on skin. Pick a shade as close as possible to your skin tone. Apply gently, so as to give your face a creamy, flawless appearance. Blend well with skin with sponge to apply to whole face.
  5. Apply make up to your eyes. Pick three eyeshadow colors: dark, medium, and light. To create a blended look, apply dark above top lashes in a slight line, thinly. Next use the medium shadow in the middle, touching the dark a little. The lightest shadow should be applied right under brows, giving the eyes a beautiful hue. Pick all shadows in the same color, but different shades.
  6. Use a cake liner with a thin brush or a kohl pencil and line lower lid. You do not need to line the whole way, two-thirds is enough. Line all the way across upper lid.
  7. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. Avoid clumps by applying in two coats, both thin. For dark hair, black or brown mascara works. For fair hair, use brown.Try to avoid using bright colored mascara (e.g. purple, blue), for a better overall look.
  8. Smile, then apply a light rouge to the apples of your cheeks. Apply very gently so as not to create an obvious spot of red. Brush in small circles. Make sure to not go too bright, for when you feel the need to blend, your blush has been applied too much.
  9. Choose a lipstick color suited to your skin tone. Apply lightly to both lips, then clamp lips together to get a more even look. Mixing textures and colors is fine.
  10. Line lips thinly. Avoid very light lipstick and dark lip-liner.

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